Privacy Policy

Megakaryon Corporation (hereafter “the Company”) recognizes that the reliable protection of personal information is an important responsibility of the Company toward society.

Accordingly, any personal information acquired by the Company through its business operations will be handled in accordance with the policy explained below in order that, as regards the protection of personal information, the Company may carry out its social responsibilities and provide peace of mind to its clients and employees.


1.Collection, use, and sharing of personal information

  • The Company will acquire personal information in a legal and fair fashion.
  • The Company will use personal information only as necessary to attain the objectives established for the use of the information.
  • An individual’s assent will be obtained before any of the individual’s personal information is shared with an outside party.
  • Personal information will not be used for other purposes.
  • If it should become necessary to use the information for any other purpose, renewed assent for the new purpose of use will first be obtained.

2.Laws, regulations, and norms of the Japanese government (hereafter “laws and regulations”)

  • The Company will endeavor at all times to keep abreast of laws and regulations regarding business that deals with personal information, and employees engaged in the business of the Company (hereafter “employees”) will ensure that business partners are made aware of and observe them.

3.Secure management of personal information

  • Suitable measures will be implemented on computers, networks, facilities, and equipment to prevent the leaking of personal information.
  • In order to reliably prevent loss of or damage to personal information, the Company will make preparations for disasters and equipment damage. In addition, information will be backed in anticipation of any eventuality.
  • Checks will be carried out, and any violations, incidents, or accidents will be corrected promptly, and the Company will implement preventive measures against any vulnerabilities.
  • The Company will thoroughly educate its employees and business partners regarding safety.

4.Complaints and inquiries

  • The Company will respond suitably and promptly to any inquiries.

Enacted March 1st, 2015

Megakaryon Corporation